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NetStone Global's B3offering comprises of frameworks and solutions that address all the functional components of the Big Data Ecosystem including Data Provisioning, Data Management and Data Consumption.

Big Data Consulting Framework:

  • Industry / Domain specific Big Data use cases
  • Business case definition
  • Evaluation of Big Data Technologies
  • Big Data architecture recommendation
  • Consulting offerings
  • Derive business value from unstructured data
  • Migration of Data Center to Hadoop platform

Migration to a Big Data platform:

  • Big Data platform expertise
  • Hadoop & its commercial distributions
  • Hadoop ecosystem databases & utilities
  • Columnar databases
  • Appliances
  • Migration offerings
  • Migration to an appliance
  • Migration of existing technology platform to a Hadoop ecosystem

Analytics on Unstructured Data:

  • Social Media Analytics
  • Domain specific sentiment analysis solutions
  • Text Mining solutions
  • Domain specific text mining solutions
  • Big data solutions based on analysis of other unstructured content (machine logs, images, etc.)
  • Log file monitoring

Integration of Structured & Unstructured Data:

  • Domain specific Analytical Toolkits with integrated unstructured data
  • Insurance Analytics Toolkit
  • HR Analytics Toolkit
  • Predictive Models with variables based on unstructured data

Advanced Analytics Solutions:

  • Domain specific Predictive Models
  • Data mining driven Optimization Solutions
  • Personalization solutions