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  • One stop for network and technology

    We assess your needs,design a solution,install any needed system hardware and software, and then we train your personnel and how to implement and use your new system,We represent multitask, Intel, Hewlett-Packard, Compaq, IBM, Dell, Microsoft and many others. We not only offer equipment,we offer solutions that grow your business. NetStone is a company, that puts the customer first.

  • Making IT work for you

    The mission of our company is to achieve the highest standard with quality, cost, delivery and innovation. To achieve our mission by the most appropriate means to fulfill our client’s needs. We provide efficient, optimized and unique products & solutions that help our clients to grow in today's dynamic, technology driven business environment.

  • Web application development

    NetStone Global specialize in the development of bespoke desktop and web based applications built to the specification of the customer. We take a professional look at what the customer has listed as requirements and how we can fulfill them and surpass what is expected of a development company.

  • Why NetStone Global?

    We follow results-driven project management methods and best practices to help deliver high quality services. We support and deliver single and multi-vendor network and technology solutions to the highest standard, including the preparation of UNIX/Linux operating systems, virtualization and security enhancements and clustering solutions.