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Network & Security

Facing Down the Triple Constraint

In order to get the job done we must tackle the project triangle: time, cost, and quality. Each element acts in opposition to the other two. Optimization requires knowledge and experience. For both of these requirements, clients turn to Network & Security Technologies

Network & Security Technologies has network and security consultants who are subject matter experts in their fields. They possess a broad range of skills and expertise acquired from extensive training and years of experience building some of the largest communications infrastructures in the world. And, they can bring these capabilities to bear on the complex task of implementing yours. Implementation will succeed because our consultants know, first hand, what works. Their hands-on expertise ensures the job is done properly.

Staying on Task

NetStone Global Network & Security Technologies’ project managers know how to build secure networks. Network & Security Technologies will take responsibility for:

  • Development of a detailed deployment plan
  • Procurement of equipment, software, and managed services, including the entire RFP process
  • Identification and supervision of personnel resources
  • Scheduling of staging, testing, installation, configuration, and integration activities
  • Reporting of progress including funds expended to date, estimated cost to complete, and quality standards met
  • Many of Network & Security Technologies’ project managers have received PMI certification. They have significant relevant experience deploying large, complex network and security infrastructures. This kind of experience leads to a project that is in budget, on time, and high quality.