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Mobile Application Development

Enterprise Mobility platforms offer a quick start to implementing mobile solutions. When it comes to developing mobile applications for enterprises, we either take the organic route of building the app from ground-up or use one of the available MEAP (Mobile Enterprise Application Platform) packages.

iOS Apps for iPhone and iPads:

Why should you care about enterprise iOS app development

Large corporations and SMEs alike are increasing employee productivity and improving business processes with smart apps for iphones and ipads. Enabling mobility for field workers through tablets and phones is a great way to increase productivity. With 90% of the web tablet traffic generated by ipads, it is unwise to ignore the advantage of developing an iOS solution for your enterprise. Our developers can help in implementing a solution for your specific needs

Our iOSapp developers have hands-on experience in planning, building, and deploying complex applications successfully. The challenge in implementing an enterprise mobile solution is not just about finding a developer. It requires an experienced team to understand your business needs and devise an appropriate strategy. It calls for strong engineering experience in developers and architects to be able to reliably integrate the user facing interface with all the backend business logic; take care of persistence and security; manage safe distribution and efficient maintenance. Our iPhone app developers have what it takes to make your development effort successful.

Smart phones and Tablets application using Android:

Why should you care about enterprise Android app development?
Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) as a concept is fast catching up. With Android penetration growing steadily across geographies, it has become essential to address enterprise application needs in the Android vertical. Businesses are seeing a marked increase in employee productivity by implementing BYOD in their companies. Android being an inevitable component of BYOD, cannot be ignored, if you need to take advantage of this paradigm. Our developers can help you with your Android needs.

Our enterprise Android app developers
Enterprise Android app development is quite a challenging affair because of its open nature. There are more than hundred different kinds of phones with varying screen sizes and capabilities in the market. This fragmented nature of Android makes development and testing a time consuming and costly affair.

Our enterprise Android app developers have devised a unique framework for testing  Android apps in different screen sizes and different versions of operating systems without incurring the cost of additional testing time or additional test devices. This is one of the reasons why our developers are able to deliver apps quicker than other firms. Also, our app developers have the experience of architecting complex apps across various business verticals, designing usable interfaces and managing security issues. Our developers have the right experience to offer a smooth engagement.

Our developers work very closely with our clients to understand their business strategy and app requirements. Committed to the goal of customer satisfaction, our app developers and managers are always available to address your needs and concerns during the engagement. Choosing the right team of developers is crucial to the successful of your effort. Your success is our commitment.

How our developers work

Our developers have nailed our client engagement down to a crisp 8 step process by the end of which you will have your enterprise iPhone app running successfully in your employee devices.

Our Enterprise App Development Experience for Android

We have a wide ranging experience when it comes to Android app development. Here’s a list of some of the applications we delivered in the recent past.

  • Electronic Health Records (EHR)
  • Customer check-in app
  • Price and Mortgage calculators